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Safety 411

Photo:  Dave HellerPublished every month in Fleet Owner, Safety 411 is a timely and informative commentary on safety and security issues by David Heller, CDS, TCA’s Vice President of Government Affairs.
  • Not Enough Rest for the Weary

    Where is George Costanza when you need him? All of my Seinfeld fans out there can recall that desk of his at Yankee Stadium—you know, the one he designed to get extra rest during his workday. The good news for George was that regardless of how long of a nap he took, he still managed to get out of the office on time, or even to cut his day short. 

  • ELDs and Wooden Baseball Bats

    The youth leagues are now required to use “wood-like” bats, which some people believe are safer, since they eliminate the ‘trampoline effect.’ Read in this week’s edition of Safety 411, written by TCA’s David Heller, as he asks the question since bat type doesn’t necessarily prevent injuries, does increasing regulations in trucking via new technology prevent crashes or generally make drivers safer?

  • HOS Rules Not Optional
    We have all heard the myth that stop signs with white borders are optional. That one always got a laugh, but it concerned me a bit when I sat down to write this column, so I researched the tall tale on Google. This was clearly not the first time that this particular subject was searched for on the Internet. Seriously, are folks that gullible, or are they just looking for a way around a particular rule? I have read the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations cover to cover and could not find a sentence proclaiming that the rules governing the operation of a commercial motor vehicle are optional.
  • 2017 Issues Yield to New Ones
    I can’t believe 2017 flew by so quickly. We are so early into the new year that we still haven’t gotten used to writing 2018 instead of 2017. And the new year will inevitably start off the same way the old year ended—extremely busy. In this new era of regulatory retraction, we continually find ourselves addressing issues that are bestowed upon us at a pace that can only be described as hare-quick rather than tortoise-slow.
  • Drivers Still Needed

    If your family is anything like mine, then holiday gifts for the kids will include lots of electronic devices like tablets, phones, and laptops. And these products are no longer for adults only—young children are using this technology every day as we continue to progress into a more technologically savvy society.

  • Let’s Focus on Positives, Too

    As TCA’s David Heller prepared for this year’s Safety & Security Division Meeting, he discovered Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) has faded into the background. Read in this month’s edition of Safety 411 what he thinks should be the next logical step for the agency to take.

  • Another Detention Study

    The trucking industry is bombarded with reports. TCA’s David Heller asks in this month’s Safety 411 article, isn’t it time for action?

  • Hair Today, Safer Tomorrow

    It just occurred to me as I begin writing this month’s column that I have never really addressed the issue of hair testing for drugs in our fleets across the country. Sure, carriers are traveling down the road of alternative compliance and I have even written about that, but nothing relating specifically to hair testing.

  • Time Stands Still

    I was thinking of how much fun it would be to regale you with new and exciting mandates and regulations that would have a positive impact on the trucking industry and your daily operations in the new year.